Brill Sunset

Brill sunsetWindmills are wonderful structures. Relics of a past era when corn was grounded using big heavy stones that were turned by wooden sails, powered by the wind. I’m sure Britain used to have many of these dotted about the landscapes. Now there’s not that many left and those that are are beautifully looked after. Some by the local villages and some by trusts.

I do like visiting this windmill. Partly because it’s one of the closest ones to me and the views across Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire are lovely. Sunsets like this make it visiting it equally pleasurable. I have plans to come back at dusk and capture the night sky with the Milky Way and stars. I have my spot planned, I just need a lovely clear Friday or Saturday night, where I don’t have to worry about getting up early in the next day. Although, now that the clocks have gone back and it’s darker earlier, makes things a little easier for when it’s a clear night during the week.

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