Whilst on my trip in Iceland, I managed to cross one of my items from my bucket list, “See the Northern Lights”. This photo was one of many that I took that night. Would’ve loved to have gotten a photo at a waterfall or somewhere, but you can’t always guarantee that an aurora will take place, even if you do have clear skies. A lot of the hotels, especially ones outta town and away from city/town lights, have a northern light alert service. This service is usually in the form of a phone call at some point during the night. But they will only call you if you sign up for the alert. This was one of those nights and it happened at a reasonable hour, about 9pm ish. Once you get the alert, it’s a case of quickly grabbing your camera and tripod, spare batteries and memory cards, then wrapping up warm and heading outside.

One thing I was slightly disappointed was that I didn’t see the actual green colours of the lights with my own eyes. To me, what I saw was very light almost wispy type clouds. But I could definitely see them moving. I think perhaps if the KP index had been a little higher, then maybe I would’ve seen the green colour. Maybe next time if I get the chance.

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