Star Trails

Star Trails

Star TrailsRecently I bought a remote release for my camera to experiment with time lapse and stacking photos. This photo is the result of spending a few hours at a local dark spot to experiment with taking hundreds of 30 second photos then using a piece of free software to stack them into 1 photo. I spent a cold evening with a fellow photographer at a place in Oxfordshire called Wittenham Clumps, facing out to the east. The plane trails you can see appearing in a group in the distance, I think, could be coming from Heathrow Airport.
I hope to take lots more photos like this, now that the nights are drawing in, from different locations and have plenty in mind. Here’s hoping for lots of clear nights over the coming weeks.

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    • Sheila Morris says:

      Thank you Yvan. I’ve got plenty more ideas similar to this, just need to get out there and do them 🙂

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