BlossomSpring is here and the blossom on the trees are now disappearing. Once the blossom starts appearing, I find that there’s only a short window before the petals start falling to the ground. But they are always make for lovely photos to try and capture.

Silky smooth

Silky smoothOne thing I like doing when out taking photos, is looking for opportunities where I can use my ND10 filter. I like using the filter for the long exposure capabilities and to be honest that’s probably what most people use it for. My photo above was taken with said filter, whilst I was on holiday in Ireland.

Ireland is a lovely place to visit, full of friendly locals, plenty of nice places to eat and lots of stunning places to visit. I’m going to go back at some point as there were certainly places that I missed the opportunity to visit. Not forgetting revisiting some areas where I wasn’t able to visit for long or was hampered by really bad wet weather. Though I think next time I might need my passport if the UK has left the EU by the time I revisit.

Smoke Triptych

Smoke TriptychTo break up all the long exposure photos I’ve been posting on this blog and because I haven’t published a photo for a long time, here is a triptych I created of some photos of incense smoke I took a few years ago with a photographer friend. I’ve been looking for a subject of some kind to produce a triptych and this is a good first start. I’ve got some more ideas of other triptychs to make, I just need to get out there and make my ideas happen. Hopefully in the coming months, but I’m making no promises. 🙂

Brill Sunset

Brill sunsetWindmills are wonderful structures. Relics of a past era when corn was grounded using big heavy stones that were turned by wooden sails, powered by the wind. I’m sure Britain used to have many of these dotted about the landscapes.

Old Pier

Old PierThis is the remains of an old pier down in Lepe, Hampshire, with the tide starting to come in. The day looks deceptively nice, but it was in fact a freezing cold day in March with a cold breeze blowing off the Solant. I imagine the sea was just as cold, if not colder. Though I didn’t test out this theory as I was cold enough sat on the beach taking this long exposure shot. The bit of land you an see in the far distance is the Isle of Wight. I plan on visiting there one day along with the many other places I hope to visit and are on my bucket list.

Red Box

Red BoxBritish red telephone box, that once used to be spotted all over the place in the UK. Now not so much. Replaced by the boring metallic phone boxes, that offer email services as well as phone calls, and almost everyone owning a mobile phone.


Crackington Haven Beach Panorama 1a+Such a beautiful beach in a gorgeous part of Cornwall on a beautiful September day a couple of years ago.

Every year thousands up thousands of people flock to the most southwesterly part of the UK to soak up the Cornish sun. As you can imagine, the summer months are the most popular. Though a couple of friends will say that Cornwall is gorgeous all year round, hence why they live there. If you get the chance, you should visit Cornwall, there are lots of beachs to choose from.


AutumnAutumn is well and truely here. The trees are turning lovely shades of red, yellow and brown. Yes, even brown looks good in the right light. Last weekend I went to Westonbirt Arboretum with a friend to photograph the autumn colours. This year we had better weather than last year, which meant the colours of the trees looked far better when the sun was out than the rain we experienced previously. This is one of the many photos I took. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a triptych out of some of the other photos.


CrocusesWith Autumn well and truely here and the nights drawing in, the number of flowers left in bloom is starting to decrease. Here are some crocuses that bloomed in the spring time. Hopefully they will brighten up a gloomy, rainy day.

Didcot Demolition

Didcot DemolitionFrom the title of this post you’d think that this was a photo of the demolition of Didcot. Some may argue that’s not a bad thing, but this post is about the demolition of 3 out of 6 chimneys from Didcot Power Station. The power station shut down back in 2013 and it took almost a year before these 3 chimneys came down. When the date and time was annouced, there was a big campaign here in Oxfordshire to change the time of “blow down”.

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